Manacus provides banking for businesses.

We offer the following types of account comes:

Business checking account,

Business savings account,

Business money market account & cash management accounts,

As well as customized personal bank accounts.

We can accept most U.S. companies and tech start up businesses that aren’t money services businesses or involved with adult entertainment, marijuana or internet gambling.

You’ll need a U.S. company with a federal EIN, your company’s official formation documents, and a picture of your government ID (e.g. a passport or US driver’s license).

Yes, your savings, checking and money market accounts are insured up to the FDIC limit. Manacus works with FDIC-insured banks to store your deposits.

Manacus accounts are free. We don’t have minimum balances, account opening fees, or monthly fees.

Yes, you can send checks for free through your Manacus dashboard by going through the Send Money flow.

Yes, you can deposit checks through your dashboard by going through the Add Funds flow.

We don’t support cash deposits for now.

Yes, our debit cards can be used at ATMs. We don’t charge any fees on top of what the ATM operator charges. Our cards are part of the Allpoint ATM network, so Allpoint won’t charge any fees on cash withdrawals with our debit cards.

We are legally required to only allow 6 transfers out of your savings account per month. The Federal Reserve implemented this rule after the 2008 financial crisis to help ensure banks have enough money on hand to cover customer needs.

Your debit card should arrive in a plain white envelope to your business address within 8-10 business days of account approval.

Go to your Manacus dashboard and find your debit card under its associated account page. You’ll be able to change your PIN from that page.

Login to your Manacus account and check our support page to find contact details for us. You may also want to replace or cancel your debit card by going to your Manacus dashboard, finding your debit card under its associated account page, and clicking Replace Card.


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