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Manacus is a client-first digital bank worked for the business and development economy, with a fixation for giving driving edge innovation, arrangements driven items and predominant help through a mix of energetic individuals and advanced assets.

Leading businesses to better finance control.

Control Your business expenses. With Libres Financial, you are able to manage receipts seamlessly.Colleagues can upload invoice,receipts and documents from their own customized portal. Make a login for each employee and amplify responsibility.

Libres is a simple and fast digital business bank account. We help builders and makers manage their money by making banking effortless.

Opening a Libres account is easy—it takes under 10 minutes to open a FDIC-insured business checking account and get access to mobile ACH, check deposits, and 300,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide.

With the capabilities of a full bank in your hands, our banking experience allows you to save time and money. We automate the time-consuming tasks required for you to close your books at the end of each month.

Our History

We started in 2018 and We talked with several entrepreneurs from across America in our first year alone. At the point when we got with them that banks never tune in, we listened more diligently. The entirety of our discussions in cafés and workshops helped us make a ledger that worked for entrepreneurs.

Our devoted group worked long into the night for a considerable length of time. We found a little multitude of similar accomplices, specialists, and counselors, and we as a whole worked resolutely to create Libres.

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